I know what to do, it’s just a matter of doing it…

Honestly, I hear this a lot. And it is usually what someone says when they have fallen off of their plan (no matter what that plan is). But these are the hardest people to reach. Why? Because in your mind you have the answers, and you feel it is just a matter of having the willpower to get “back on track”. So why is this the perfect time to work with me? Because this is where your good intentions meet reality. Many Dietitians like to work in an idealistic world, while I enjoy working in a more realistic world. Life happens…pizza happens. Poor choices happen, and laziness happens. So what happened?! Here are a few examples of when I’ve heard these words, but then we have uncovered that the real problem wasn’t obvious to the client at all…

“I was doing good, then I just fell into old habits”

The answer lies in uncovering what caused you to fall back into old habits. Often, the answer lies in the approach. Most often, clients can easily identify what foods to “cut out”. Going out to eat stops, late night snacking on ice cream stops, and portions are reduced. Although cutting out foods that are easily identified as non-beneficial works, it may only work for a short time. The true success comes when we build in better foods, leaving you eating good stuff so often that you never get bored. This way, we reduce the chance of falling back on old habits. What’s more, I’ll help you uncover how much food you really need to eat (which is often more than you think) to keep you feeling satisfied while fueling the energy you need and want. Not enough energy to work out? Not anymore!

“I work out all the time. I know what to eat”

Ok, so this person is slightly different. Often someone who enjoys working out (or has at least built it into their lifestyle) Again, they are the hardest to reach but they feel like they have the answers. Protein shakes, steamed veggies, lean proteins. You’ve got this. Or do you? Did you know that your macronutrient intake may actually be keeping you from losing those last few pounds of fat mass? Or that your fueling strategy is not timed right to give you stronger workouts than you are already achieving? How about mixed training for obstacle course racing? Have you figured out how fueling for runs is different from fueling for strength, and then combining it all for race day? Many people haven’t truly figured this out. But I want you to be one of the one that does!

Runners know the action of running. But the people winning races are the ones that fine tune their training. Your diet is no different. Move beyond the basic knowledge so that you know more that “what to do” but rather “how to succeed for life”.