Contacting Anne is easy! She is on multiple platforms. Click on any of her social media link or submit your name and question in the contact box at the bottom of the FuelTrainOvercome page.
Anne is set up with easy payment through PayPal services. Payment is easy, seamless, and secure. Other payment options can be discussed as needed.
That’s ok! Anne will work with you to figure out your goals and uncover the best path to get you to reach them in a way that fits your schedule, level of readiness, and knowledge level. There’s also the ability to change plans mid-stream. Clients may start out on a basic plan and realize that they want to dive further in to understanding approaches, or simply have the accountability of meeting (in person, over the phone, or on the online platform) on a routine basis. Anne is not only here to teach, but to coach, motivate, and hold you accountable to your goals!
Absolutely not! Anne strives to meet people “where they are” in their current eating habits and works as slowly or aggressively towards your goals as you feel comfortable doing. The way you currently eat fits into your lifestyle for one reason or another. It may be scheduling, convenience, preference, etc. Anne works with clients to take their current eating habits to the next level without having you completely change the foods you enjoy. You’ll work to uncover new found favorite foods that will not only taste good, but will FUEL and NOURISH your body, leaving you energized and satisfied!
Anne is able to provide meal plans if desired but prefers working with your current food knowledge (see Will I have to completely change the way I eat? Above) and building your understanding of nutritious food choices through label reading and understanding your macronutrient needs so that you can make knowledgeable choices for a lifetime. Meal plans are available but may limit your ability to gain the knowledge and power you need to understand foods and make your own choices with confidence. Anne will work with you to decide if a meal plan is right for you.
Research shows that clients who journal their foods are the most successful, but you don’t have to. Anne will have you journal foods for as short a period as possible. For it is with food journaling that we can identify if you are eating enough foods to fuel your goals, eating the variety you need, and understand how you meal timing has played a role in your success.
Absolutely! As a Dietitian, it is Anne responsibility to find the right balance of nutrition regardless of the nutrition approach. What Anne will do is uncover whether or not your current approach is fine-tuned enough to reach maximum benefits.