I hit the lottery when I started working with Anne.

What started as a hope for weight loss ended in a laundry list of great things. I dropped 60 lbs, gained knowledge on how to properly eat (I did not do some quick diet), changed my eating habits, and actually crave healthy foods now!

I never thought about overall nutrition. I just wanted to lose weight. I just wanted to look and feel better, so I reached out to an expert. I wanted to overcome being overweight and out of shape with horrible eating habits and inefficient workouts. I had previously tried eating less and changing a little of what I ate, but eventually I put back on what I took off. By working with Anne I now understand what constitutes a balanced diet. Most importantly, I've learned a lot about myself. I've always been a fussy eater and I've tried (sometimes reluctantly) a lot of new foods (have not liked them all but have added a lot more options to my menu). One of the biggest things I've learned is that a lot of the barriersI have are in my mind, if you think you can't, then you can't, if you think you can, then you can. My favorite quote that I came across is, "Being in shape is hard, being out of shape is hard, choose your hard".

The best thing that happened to me by focusing on nutrition is that I am much healthier. I'm not winded when I get to the top of the stairs, I don't need to rest after 10 minutes of playing with my nieces and nephews. And although I know I'm not taller, I have actually felt that sensation, I attribute that to having better a posture. I have more confidence in myself, I look better and feel better... a huge mental boost! Part of what makes Anne so great is that she is a role model, she leads by example and she would not suggest anything that she would not do herself. As a Dietitian and Athlete she is a spectacular resource. Added bonus! Anne introduced me to the world of Spartan Racing. I had not even heard of the sport when she told me about it and my thought was, yea right, me do an obstacle course race, just climbing the stairs at work is an obstacle.Now? I'm on track to do my 8th race in a couple weeks. I've been able to physically do a lot of things training for and participating in these races that I never thought I could do. I started doing road races (5K & 10K) and have run almost 20

Added materials just in case, but this may be too much: I just got back from a trip to New York to visit my brother (who has run a few marathons) for the weekend and we went out for a 6 mile run and he said "this is awesome, I never thought I would be running with you". I run on a regular basis (but I don't call myself a runner). I got back into playing baseball (not softball) and I've never hit better and my legs feel stronger that they have ever been. My tennis game has also improved, I feel like I'm gliding across the court. I'm over 50 and I'm getting better, go figure. I still have some pounds to shed so I'm still working with Anne on nutrition and I continue to take her Obstacle Course classes each week to improve my racing performance.
I had joined some weight loss challenges but was never able to lose more than a couple of pounds and it always came back. I have never talked to anyone about fueling my body correctly, Anne was the first.

I was tired and sluggish and ready to throw in the towel on weight loss. I ate Paleo, I counted calories and even though I thought I was doing my body right (which I kind of was) I wasn't doing what my body really needed. I wasn't fueling it. I began working with Anne because my main goal was to learn how to fuel my body. Working out a lot, feeling tired and sluggish. I had enough. I've had many people show me how to eat better but not how to fuel.
My favorite part about working with Anne was that I didn't have to count calories (yay!) to lose weight, I just needed to fuel my body correctly and everything else (weight loss) would fall into place. I have more energy, I don't tire as quickly while working out or running. I have learned to fuel instead of just fill and that is a huge. I don't eat to just get calories now, I eat to fuel my body. Before I would be like "oh, geez I'm 300 calories shy of 1600 calories, I need to eat" and I would put pretty much anything in my mouth. Now I eat my five meals, stay within my macros and feel good.
As a result of working with Anne, I have lost weight, stopped eating junk just because I need more calories, and best of all I have felt inspired to train more and stay focused.I recommended athlete friends to Anne because they are at a stand still with weight loss and they do not feel good about their training because of their weight, or they think that all of the training should be making them lose weight BUT if they are not eating correctly then they will stay where they are. We are athletes and need to fuel or bodies, Anne can help with that.