Anne L’Heureux RD, LD, SGX has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 2012, and a certified SGX coach since the start of 2016. Anne has a Bachelor’s of Science in Coordinated Dietetics which complements her ability to take the lifestyle approaches of Spartan Race, compare them to what current science is informing us about the best nutrition practices, and apply them to daily approaches.

Anne has been writing nutrition focused articles for Spartan Race since 2016, including a published article in Spartan’s online magazine titled Fuel the Beast. Since that time Anne has contributed multiple blog post topics from daily nutrition to fueling specifics. Anne’s own nutrition approaches have helped her score big on the course as well. A 2016 top 300 female elite point leader, 2017 has proven that Anne’s nutrition performance approaches produce results. With 4 podium finishes in 2017, including a 2nd place finish in the first ever 2017 Spartan Winter Sprint held in upstate New York, Anne has already solidified her second annual qualifying year for Spartan World Championships in Tahoe.

Anne has been featured in Maine Women’s Magazine, FitMaine.com, and has been recognized as Today’s Dietitian Magazine’s Dietitian of the Week. Anne is a sponsored athlete for the Maine Dairy and Nutrition Council’s Moo Squad and is a Stabil Gear Ambassador.

Anne’s professional background includes working with consumers as a retail supermarket dietitian and working one-on-one helping people reach their fitness and nutrition goals. Anne host’s weekly SGX courses in her own backyard, complete with rope climb, monkey bars, traverse wall, spear throw, and more.